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We work with semiconductor and electronics companies around the world to provide end-to-end engineering and workforce solutions.

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Talent 101 is a global services provider for the semiconductor industry. We provide a total workforce solution anywhere you need it: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

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Engineering Services

  • Hardware
  • Software
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Managed Services

  • Oversee your organization and systems
  • Manage everyday workforce responsibilities
  • Complete team approach from management through individual contributors

Project Services

  • Statement of Work style projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed 
  • Defined budget per project
  • Detailed timeline start to finish

Staffing Services

  • Contract & Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire

Available Talent

Senior Layout Engineer with 12+ years of experience

Tony – Sr. Layout Engineer

  • 12+ years design experience utilizing single, double and multiple metal Analog/Digital CMOS and BiCMOS processes.
  • Layout tools include Cadence VXL and VIRTUOSO, Emerald OPAL, ICED, Mentor Graphics and AutoCAD.
  • Proficient with Calibre, Dracula and Cadence verification tools, UNIX, LINUX and Windows Operating systems. Experience with LBC7 & LBC9

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HW/SW/Systems Validation Engineer

Binh – HW/SW/Systems Validation Engineer

  • Software / Firmware Engineer with 10+ years of Real-Time embedded software experience using microcontrollers; develop PC software and device drivers for Windows, Nucleus, VxWorks, Linux
  • Development of embedded real-time C++ in all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) including requirements analysis, design, coding, unit test, integration, and verification of Bare Metal, Embedded Linux and FreeRTOS.
  • Development of BSP and board device driver in the areas of file system, communication, networking for ARM embedded Linux platform.
  • Using C/C++, Altium to research, design, development, and testing of low power embedded MCU/microcontrollers, I2C, SPI, UART and USB. Design schematic capture and PCB layout

Software Engineer with experience in Converting legacy applications

Ignacio – Software Engineer

  • Design and implement full life cycle, real time solutions in firmware.
  • Convert legacy applications to use new OS and processor.
  • Maintain legacy code, make modifications and improvements.
  • Design and implement configuration management procedures.

Senior Software Development Engineer with experience in Application, Systems and Embedded Programming

John – Senior Software Development Engineer  

  • Software Design
  • Application, Systems and Embedded Programming
  • Web programming, Digital Image Processing
  • C++ programming, Assembly programming
  • Real Time OS, UNIX, MS Windows
  • Analysis, design and coding of embedded, real-time software projects
  • Web server and website design


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Semiconductor News

Get insights on today's labor market and educational resources for developing a strong engineering team while keeping you up to date on the latest news in the semiconductor world.


Living in a 5G World: The Future of Wireless Technology

The fifth generation wireless network (5G) made its international debut at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang with driverless shuttle buses, 360-degree video footage, and SmartSuits that send vibrating signals to wearable devices.

But the future of wireless technology isn’t reserved just for world-class events. It’s finding use cases around the globeeven in remote villages. While South Korea witnessed 5G capabilities at the Olympic Games, they have also seen it used to ward off pests that roam the mountainous regions. With systems that shoot rays, spew gases, and emit tiger roars, farmers benefit from smart 5G gear that repels wild boars in the villages. The coming innovation is both humbling and grand. Tested at 20 times faster than 4G, 5G capabilities inspired new use cases amid the era of machines.

With all the hype, what exactly is 5G? How will it impact future technology? And what are the implications in the industry? Let’s take a look at where 5G will take us and how industry leaders are exploring it in real-time.

How can organizations stay competitive in today's semiconductor industry?

We’ve discussed how engineers stay relevant in the industry, but what about companies? How do organizations stay competitive in today’s semiconductor industry? Managing the talent market, nurturing leadership, and refining execution is always an evolving practice. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a good idea to establish best practices with room to deviate and mature.

Let’s explore three ways for leaders and managers to stay ahead of the competition in today’s semiconductor industry.

Q2 2018: Semiconductor Industry News to Know

In this edition of semiconductor news to know, summer is now in full swing with stronger semiconductor sales and expected growth gains throughout the year. In the semiconductor space, the global market has experienced year-to-year growth of greater than 20 percent for 13 consecutive months as announced by John Neuffer, president and CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

The wave of new regulations and policy proposals forecasts a stronger focus towards lucrative industry initiatives and better internal organizational practices. We expect continued development in global collaboration to benefit industry security customs, uphold ethical standards, and better workforce development. Further dialogue in organization behavior and goals marks a signal towards responsible action and a commitment to doing good in the world.

There’s a lot to glean from this quarter's industry news. Read on to explore the latest semiconductor news and technology trends in the second quarter of 2018.