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We work with semiconductor and electronics companies around the world to provide end-to-end engineering and workforce solutions.

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Talent 101 is a global services provider for the semiconductor industry. We provide a total workforce solution anywhere you need it: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Our Services

engineering services

Engineering Services

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Mechanical
  • Test

Managed Services

  • Oversee your organization and systems
  • Manage everyday workforce responsibilities
  • Complete team approach from management through individual contributors

Project Services

  • Statement of Work style projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed 
  • Defined budget per project
  • Detailed timeline start to finish

Staffing Services

  • Contract & Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire

Available Talent

Test Technician with experience in Circuit Design

Franco – Test Technician  

  • Microcontroller
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Electronic & Communication

Component Design Engineer

Jared – Component Design Engineer

  • Electrical Efficiency
  • Control Systems.
  • Power Electronics
  • Bioelectronics
  • Voltage Regulators

Validation Engineer with B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology

Manchu – Validation Engineer

  • Experienced developing tests on various ATE (Automated Test Equipment) for Semiconductor IC’s (Integrated Circuits)
  • Performed analysis on design/production data, using 6 sigma, to determine the production worthiness of the test program(s)
  • Implemented methods and procedures for testing the precision, and accuracy, of products

Electrical Engineer with M.S in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

George - Electrical Engineer  

  • Experienced in PCB designing, assembling of the components and in fabrication process.
  • Experience in EMC Testing which includes ESD, Radiated Emissions, Radiated Immunity, Surge, Burst, Conducted Emissions, and Conducted Immunity.
  • Proficient in using EDA tools like OrCAD, Raspberry PI, Arduino, Ki CAD, EAGLE, Cadence Virtuoso, Altium, Allegro and Proteus.


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Semiconductor News

Get insights on today's labor market and educational resources for developing a strong engineering team while keeping you up to date on the latest news in the semiconductor world.


q1-2019-semiconductory-news copy copy-1

As we finish out the second quarter of 2019, it’s abundantly clear this is another transformational year for the semiconductor industry. 

Although global semiconductor industry sales are down, the future should hold significant growth, according to predictions. The Developing Innovation and Growing Internet of Things (DIGIT) aims to further the development of connected technology in the U.S. and foster significant advances — like Facebook’s AI Habitat and a chip startup’s new laser solution — to make AI innovation faster and smarter. Moreover, Lattice’s new field programmable gate array (FPGA) may change the game in building better security and compliance.

Every quarter, we bring you the latest news impacting semiconductor companies and provide busy hiring managers with a quick rundown of the industry happenings you can’t miss. 

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happened in the second quarter of 2019:

How to attract top engineering talent with the latest technology

Hiring qualified engineering candidates isn’t an easy undertaking. In today’s job market, recruiters and hiring managers need to attract the right candidates using competitive salary and benefits packages, a healthy work-life balance, and a great company culture. Nowadays, job seekers also prioritize career progression, learning development and the ability to work with cutting-edge technology when considering new opportunities.

In fact, 17 percent of high-tech job seekers say the technology they'll work with is their top priority when considering job opportunities, according to a survey by Stack Overflow. Similarly, employees are more satisfied when they can work on leading-edge content with up-to-date tech, according to a McKinsey report.

With newer nodes of dimensions demanding engineers work with more data at faster speeds, innovative technology is more important than ever in the semiconductor industry. Advanced analytics and technologies are not only more exciting, but they’re crucial to engineers’ effectiveness and help them gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

For recruiters and hiring managers, communicating a commitment to interesting projects and innovative technology is key to recruiting and retaining top engineers. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this goal:

How to network meaningfully for engineers

With the right skills and experience, engineers can go far in their career. Yet, engineers in any industry—from budding professionals to seasoned veterans —need meaningful connections to enrich their knowledge, find new opportunities, and foster career or personal growth. By putting your best foot forward in front of the right people, you open doors to new job opportunities and career growth.

But networking doesn’t come easy—at first. Many of us can suffer from awkwardness, social anxiety, and discomfort when meeting new people or asking for career help. While it can be stressful to establish these connections, anyone can earn and maintain meaningful relationships by following a few simple steps.