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Talent 101 is a global services provider for the semiconductor industry. We provide a total workforce solution anywhere you need it: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

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Engineering Services

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Managed Services

  • Oversee your organization and systems
  • Manage everyday workforce responsibilities
  • Complete team approach from management through individual contributors

Project Services

  • Statement of Work style projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed 
  • Defined budget per project
  • Detailed timeline start to finish

Staffing Services

  • Contract & Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire

Available Talent

Senior VLSI Design Engineer Available NOW

Ramesh - Senior VLSI Design Engineer

  • Five years of experience as Physical Layer IP Team lead, contributed mainly as Lead Designer.
  • Contributed to multiple activities from Pre-sales to Silicon bring up of PHY IPs.
  • Eleven years of Career in semiconductor field covering Design, Synthesis, STA, FPGA, DFT.
  • Excellent in defining timing constraints including tight Analog to Digital interface signals.
  • Performed STA for 6 Projects.
  • Good combination of strong design skills with in depth timing visualization.
  • Verilog RTL designer with experience in Multi Clock Domain Designs.
  • Expertise in SOC level and IP level DFT Design, Verification and Silicon testing including DC and at speed scan, Memory BIST.
  • Closely works with STA / PnR team to address challenging timing / area closures, ECOs.
  • Performed design evaluation in Xilinx FPGAs.

AMS Engineer with 10+ years of experience Available

Vinod – AMS Engineer

  • 10+ years of experience in Analog, Mixed Signal and High-speed IO Layout Design of modules and Chip level tasks.
  • Worked on various technology nodes like 180nm, to 10nm
  • Proficient in layout design using Cadence Virtuoso XL and Genesys
  • Custom layout design of blocks, IPs and Full Chip Integration
  • Floor planning, Power planning and Area estimation of modules
  • Special planning during placement considering density, HV,EMIR,DRC in deep submicron nodes
  • Physical Verification of the layout designs

Senior Verification Engineer with 8+ Years Experience Available

Sham - Senior Verification Engineer

  • 8yrs+ overall industry experience in Mixed Signal and Digital Verification
  • Experience in System Verilog and UVM, PSL, and SVA Assertions
  • Behavioral Modeling of Analog Modules in SV, VAMS, and VHDL
  • Model Vs. Spice Simulations, Analog Mixed Signal Co-Simulations
  • Verification of Sound wire, I2C, AHB, and DMA protocols
  • Functional and Code coverage Analysis

Physical Design & Digital Back-end Engineer Available

Jay – Physical Design/Digital Back end Engineer (Available Immediately)


  • Part of physical design team, worked closely with digital and analog teams to deliver design of mixed signal block on time under tight schedule.
  • Working on complex digital on top lower power design.
  • Define and verify power intent.
  • RTL synthesis.
  • Equivalence check.
  • Floorplan.
  • Define power domain and power routing.
  • Insert power switches.
  • Isolation and retention cells placement.
  • CTS and routing.
  • STA timing analysis.
  • Worked on top level timing closure.
  • Bump placement, place bumps with various patterns, assign signals to bumps.
  • Floorplan, pin placement, RAM placement, power meshes, analog block placement.
  • Clock tree generation using ccopt.
  • Worked on timing analysis/closure at both top and block level.
  • Worked on diversified designs of high utilizations, irregular shapes, and complex clock tree structure with Encounter Foundation Flow.


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International Women’s Day 2018: Celebrating 7 Inspiring Women in STEM

On March 8th, communities worldwide will celebrate International Women’s Day. Every year, the day of recognition celebrates the extraordinary achievements of women and brings organizations together to continue the movement for change and empowerment. The theme of 2018 is #PressForProgress, a call to advocacy, activism, and support for gender parity.

Throughout history, women have been making their mark in STEM-related fields. Iconic female pioneers such as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Grace Hopper, and Mae C. Jemison paved paths for future female scientists and changed the world in the name of science. Fast forward to the 21st century: even more girls and women are breaking the ceiling in the fields of math and science, and we can support their crusade for equal and diverse representation.  

How technological advancements are impacting the Future of Work

Today, emerging technologies join us at our hips. We walk around with the latest smartphone in our pockets, connected to smart homes and smart vehicles, with access to the cloud everywhere we go. As chip innovation grows, the scope of its technological counterpart affects our jobs. Take a look around, and you’ll see these changes all around you: self-driving trucks, workflow engines, and self-service kiosks.

With the onslaught of new technology, many worry about the threat of a jobless future. But that’s not the whole picture. Automation helps us accomplish specific tasks; complementing our workload and freeing our time to focus on other projects. It provides a stepping stone to even greater advancements.

And it doesn’t stop there. Technology and automation don’t just advance our work—they change the way we work.

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Battle of the Chips: How major players in tech are climbing the ladder of innovation

For the major players in the semiconductor industry, everyday is a race—a battle of the chips .

Last month, Samsung became the world’s largest chipmaker in revenue. Before, Intel held that prestige for several decades. As AI, deep learning, and machine learning take the world by storm, chipmakers capitalize on future technology. Last year, Nvidia reported an 82% increase in shares when they repurposed their chips from gaming rigs to machine learning. As a result, their capabilities in the AI space and innovative technology cultivated their title as the “smartest company in the world” by MIT. Amid the crowd, Intel invested $15 billion in MobileEye, which produces technology for self-driving cars. AMD released a new line of processor chips that delivers greater performance on cloud and machine intelligence workloads.