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We work with semiconductor and electronics companies around the world to provide end-to-end engineering and workforce solutions.

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Talent 101 is a global services provider for the semiconductor industry. We provide a total workforce solution anywhere you need it: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

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engineering services

Engineering Services

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Mechanical
  • Test

Managed Services

  • Oversee your organization and systems
  • Manage everyday workforce responsibilities
  • Complete team approach from management through individual contributors

Project Services

  • Statement of Work style projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed 
  • Defined budget per project
  • Detailed timeline start to finish

Staffing Services

  • Contract & Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire

Available Talent

Systems Engineer with an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Louie – Systems Engineer   

  • Programming Language:  C, C++, and C #, Java, Python, RTL, VHDL, Verilog, and System Verilog, Assembly language
  • EDA Tools:  Cadence (Virtuoso, Encounter), Hspice, Synopsys (Design Compiler), Mentor Graphics (ModelSim), Prime Time, EDA playground
  • Tools/Applications:  MATLAB, Flex and Bison, Visual Studio, Dev C++ (IDE), Code Block, Eclipse
  • Operating Systems:  Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac

Electrical Engineer with excellent knowledge of digital and analog system design and testing

Gilberto – Electrical Engineer  

  • Electrical Engineer with total 5+ years of engineering experience
  • Excellent knowledge of digital and analog system design and testing
  • Extensive knowledge of the design concepts and applications of signal processors, ASIC Design & Verification, Microprocessors and very-large-scale integration circuit systems 
  • Considerable experience with embedded system and hardware design work

Design/Layout Engineer with over 10 years of experience

Wang – Design/Layout Engineer   

  • Design/Layout Engineer with over 10 years’ experience dealing with the design/layout of analog and/or mixed signal products
  • Design lead of Serial EEPROM (SPI/I2C) products which include analog (voltage/current
    references), and +16V (charge-pumps, regulators, level-shifting) circuit blocks
  • Design lead of RTCC products (SPI/I2C) which include analog (voltage/current references), memory (EEPROM, SRAM), and +16V (charge-pumps, regulators, level-shifting) circuit blocks

Analog IC Design Engineer with experience in CMOS Circuit Design, ASIC Design and Custom Layouts

Akron - Analog IC Design Engineer

  • RF/Analog-Mixed Signal IC Design, Layout Design, Verification and Testing
  • Experienced in CMOS Circuit Design, ASIC Design and Custom Layout. 
  • Experience with industry standard Cadence, Spectre RF, AWR MWO, Eagle CAD PCB design tool


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The best engineering associations for semiconductor professionals

Any engineering veteran could tell you that a fulfilling career in the industry requires much more than a degree. Beyond formal education, there are meaningful experiences that are crucial to an engineer’s professional development, such as:

But without the right resources and direction, it can be challenging to know how to build a successful and rewarding career. Fortunately, there’s a great option available to help engineers advance their careers: joining a professional engineering association.

How to mitigate workplace risks in semiconductor facilities

In an ideal world, it would be easy to ensure your chip engineers are taken care of just by following simple compliance, training, and safety protocols. But in real life, it’s rarely this straightforward. 

Semiconductor operations and manufacturing are full of potential industrial health and safety hazards such as toxic gases, flammable acids, and other harmful solvents. Equipment mishandling or safety control slip-ups can further contribute to unsafe conditions in cleanrooms, laboratories, and fabrication plants. 

While national standards exist to address worker safety and health, accidents can happen when they’re least expected. And without the right preparation and safeguards, these hazards can pollute the work environment and hurt employees.

Because some risks aren’t obvious, it’s crucial to stay vigilant to the causes of workplace accidents and find ways for engineering leaders to safeguard engineers’ wellbeing.

5 Best TED talks that every engineer needs to watch

Today, we’re closer than ever to innovative breakthroughs in connected devices, autonomous cars, AI-driven machines, and robots. There has never been a better time for engineers to dive into more advanced technology and rethink the way they work. Yet, with more and more on engineers’ plates, it can be challenging to find time for learning, inspiration, and personal growth.

For engineers who are feeling uninspired or lost in their careers, help is on the way. We’ve curated a list of five inspiring TED talks ranging in topic from personal development and work management to new technology and creative ways to innovate.  Here’s what you need to watch: