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We work with semiconductor and electronics companies around the world to provide end-to-end engineering and workforce solutions.

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Talent 101 is a global services provider for the semiconductor industry. We provide a total workforce solution anywhere you need it: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Our Services

engineering services

Engineering Services

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Mechanical
  • Test

Managed Services

  • Oversee your organization and systems
  • Manage everyday workforce responsibilities
  • Complete team approach from management through individual contributors

Project Services

  • Statement of Work style projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed 
  • Defined budget per project
  • Detailed timeline start to finish

Staffing Services

  • Contract & Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire

Available Talent

Verification engineer with 10+ years of experience

Lieu – Verification Engineer   

  • 10+ years of experienced in digital design and verification.  
  • Designed micro-controllers, protocol controllers (multi-channel HDLC, AMI), DRAM controller, DSP functions (IIR/FIR filters, digital gain blocks, companders, DTMF generator), uP interfaces, serial interfaces and JTAG interface. 
  • Written high level functions/behavioral models of ISDN S/T analog interface, DSP functions of CODEC, DTMF generator, SBus, ISA bus and memory elements.

Test Technician with an associates in Computer Science

Mikal – Test Technician  

  • Hardware/Software testing professional with experience in assembling, testing, and debugging products prior to shipment to customer. Areas of expertise including the following:

Embedded software engineer with a focus on power control and energy

John – Embedded Software Engineer   

  • Focus on Power Control and Energy, with related projects experience from 5VDC to 4160VAC system
  • Solution-oriented and cost-conscious; excels at collaborating across multiple departments
  • Multi-task ability and team management experience

Electrical Engineers with a BS in Electrical Engineering

Gopu – Electrical Engineer 

  • Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, MATLAB, Eagle PCB Design, AutoCAD, Cadence, OrCAD PSpice, LabVIEW, FORTRAN 95, and Java. 
  • Fundamentals of Engineering (FE):
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


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