Security Operations made easy

Defend against response threats and secure your assets with complete SOC solutions.

Building vs. buying a Security Operations Center (SOC) is a question growing organizations often face. SOC-as-a-Service models are providing new alternatives. Talent 101 provides the capabilities of a modern SOC without the cost and headache of managing one.

Our customers develop the technical and service level strategy. Talent 101 leads the staffing and resource alignment strategy. Our customers lead the strategy with input from Talent 101 and have the oversight responsibility to validate Talent 101’s performance for the SOC. Talent 101 manages and deploys its professional resources on a day-to-day basis to meet the service level agreements (SLA) established in the contract. Talent 101’s SOC Analysts are under the direction of the Talent 101 leadership team.

Benefits to Talent 101’s SOC-as-a-Service:

  • Scalable, efficient and reliable operation of the SOC
  • 24x7, 365 days per year, including holidays and weekends
  • Well trained, motivated, Certified SOC Analysts
  • Select any level 1, 2 and 3 team services or collaborate with your teams
  • Your location or ours
  • Analyst retention strategy
  • Multiple languages if needed, ex. Kanji, Mandarin, & Cantonese
  • Compliance with the customers' policies and procedures
  • Customer platform, tools, hardware, and software
  • Development of playbooks
  • Excellent time to resolve record
  • Detailed record documentation
  • Continuous automation scripting
  • Continuous improvement activities, quality monitoring, and best-practice methodologies
  • Secureworks Partner

The benefits above are only a few of many different reasons why an organization should use Talent 101’s services. Talent 101 currently services Fortune 500 companies. Industry trends show an increased demand for Cyber Security and the need for a scalable SOC-as-a-Service operation.

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