Talent 101 is a global workforce solution provider dedicated to the semiconductor and electronic systems related industry offering statement of work (SOW milestone delivery), contract, direct-hire, sub-contract and strategic outsourcing of engineering and Information Technology (IT) services.

Your Semiconductor Specialists

Talent 101’s team has successful long-term relationships with diverse Fortune 500 companies and exciting startups as a preferred vendor and/or master service contract provider. As a result of our industry-specific expertise, Talent 101 is able to deliver both subject-matter expertise and industry-specific workforce solutions for semiconductor companies.

Projects We've Worked On

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Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Development

Our semiconductor client requested help with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) development and validation. Talent 101 assembled a team of subject expert developers both on and offshore that build a wrapper with OCD emulation features around the uCDSP, achieved at-speed emulation, created an automated flow from C compiler to FPGA download and real-time testing of algorithms, created and tested a flow for hardware debug. The team tested all development and demonstrated DSP algorithms on a prototype board finishing with the development of scripts to automate. Talent 101 delivered a fixed cost solution for this project and on-going support as needed.

Testing Wireless Networks

Our California semiconductor client providing industry solutions for low power wireless networks needed a low cost software testing solution. Talent 101 engaged a team of three testers with testing expertise in ZigBee and others. As a service the Talent 101 team debugs software features and verifies fixed issues. We create and release test reports, gather requirements for the developers’ team and continue performance assurance of software applications and the development of automated performance tests and scripts. It has created a stable test environment for our client at a fixed cost and measurable deliverables.

Chip Verification

Our Texas based client was searching for a total solution for their verification activities. The client wanted Verilog based test-bench and behavioral models. Talent 101 staff and qualified sub-contractors developed a seamless solution using Cadence tools in delivering test-benches and models that can be simulated within the clients exiting digital simulation methodology. Integration issues and functionality consideration were addressed. 

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Implementation

Talent 101 engaged with a Fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturing company to perform installation of an Oracle Access Manager (OAM) in their environment. Due to budget restrictions, the client was looking for a quality delivery, but at a price much less than the traditional ERP providers. Talent 101 crafted a SOW with Discovery, Architectural Design, Configuration and Acceptance/Testing. Our Oracle Access employee did the technical scope and provided the OAM architecture with Sun/Oracle LDAP (DSEE) as the user store. 

We architected the OAM in a multi-datacenter active/active HA model using a global network load balancer such as A10 networks. Configured the replication of OAM and the OAM database environment between the two datacenters so that the environment can fail over and the client could maintain a single sign-on service. We built a proof of concept in for both client datacenters and run a test application through a fail over scenario. The result was completed in 5 weeks and provided the client with a high end solution at a fraction of the cost if taken a more traditional provider route.