Physical Design Engineer with Automated Script Development Experience

Posted on November 22, 2017 by Kent Smith

Norma – Physical Design Engineer

  • Performed RTL Synthesis, Physical implementation through floor planning, auto place and route, clock tree synthesis and static timing analysis at 22nm
  • Developed automated scripts using TCL, Perl with EDA tools to fix different violations like maxcap, maxtran, hold, setup and DRC
  • Improved test coverage results by 25% by developing testability flow for three EDA tools and managed eight design automation tools
  • Worked closely with tool vendors for technology specific feature enhancements for advanced Intel node process
  • Documented tool usage procedures, prepared training documents and presented information to customers
  • Managed and executed assigned design section of a micro server chip project using Synopsys tools
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Analog IC Design Engineer with Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Kent Smith

Akron - Analog IC Design Engineer

  • RF/Analog-Mixed Signal IC Design, Layout Design, Verification and Testing
  • Experienced in CMOS Circuit Design, ASIC Design and Custom Layout.
  • Experience with industry standard Cadence, Spectre RF, AWR MWO, Eagle CAD PCB design tool
  • Designing Operational Amplifiers, VGAs, ADCs, DACs, Bandgap references, RF Circuits, LNAs, Mixers, VCOs, PLLs
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Experienced, Senior Test Technician Available for Hire

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Kent Smith

Gia – Test Technician

  • Senior service and support engineer with extensive experience in the high-tech computer industry
  • Performs chipset evaluation based upon engineering specifications
  • Troubleshoot complex electrical circuits as sell as mechanical equipment relating to the testing of chipsets
  • Skills include project management, new product introduction, system validation, technical support, sustaining engineering, and quality analysis and auditing
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Analog Mixed Signal Verification and Digital Verification Engineer

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Kent Smith

Shyam – Analog Mixed Signal Verification and Digital Verification Engineer

  • Experience in IP level Verification 
  • Experience in IP level Verification of Analog Mix Signal Chips.
  • Experience in Behavioral Modelling of Analog Blocks. 
  • Experience in Ocean script to automate mixed signal Sims.
  • Experience in UVC development and verification using methodologies such as UVM.
  • Expertise in HDL and HVL languages.
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Analog, Mixed Signal IC Power Engineer

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Kent Smith

Chad – Analog IC Power Engineer

  • Switching Power Converters, LDOs, DC/DC, Buck and Boost and Power ICs
  • Hall sensors for automotive industries.
  • Analog interface circuits for MRAM, DDR interface
  • Ultra-high accuracy CMOS frequency references with mitigated aging
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Hardware Design Engineer with PCB Manufacturing Experience

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Kent Smith

Tiffany – Hardware Design Engineer

  • Highly competent, smart-working and motivated detailed Hardware Designer and PCB Designer with exemplary work ethics. 
  • Expert at applying technical know-how to integrate and operate IT hardware, software and application solutions. 
  • Remarkable experience with Layout, fabrication and assembly of Multilayer PCBs 
    Sound knowledge of PADS Power PCB and OrCAD Schematic Capture 
  • Layout complex high-speed boards for current and next generation product lines. 
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Sr. Hardware Design Engineer Available for Hire

Posted on October 25, 2017 by Kent Smith

Chu – Sr. Hardware Design Engineer

  • Digital and Analog mix signal circuit design, PCB stackup, EMI/EMC, signal integrity. System architect, design tradeoff, design for test and manufacturing ability, target cost, time to market. Design validation. Product end to end system integration tests.
  • Complex FPGA (Altera, Xilinx) functionalities, multiple clock domains, extensive DSP processing, real time fault detect. Verilog and VHDL design. Simulate, verify with Modelsim in both pre and post place and route. Automated test bench design verification.
  • Digital Signal Processing, DLL, PLL, A/D, D/A, Signal Amplifier and  Filtering, Switching Power Supply, DC to DC
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Hardware/Firmware Verificantion & Validation Engineer Available 

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Kent Smith

Shang - Sr Hardware/Firmware Verification & Validation Engineer

  • DO-254 Aerospace electronics related V&V
  • Certification testing on: UTC DAL-A Aircraft Break-Control LRU, Rockwell Collins DAL-A Enhanced Vision System, Parker Aerospace DAL-A
  • Flight Control System
  • Daylight Solutions, on DAL-C, Firmware HW-SW Verification for a CIRCM Embedded Laser
    Controller, Aircraft Counter-Measures system.
  • Technical expertise includes: HDL functional simulation, software V&V and HWIL Testing under LabVIEW VI
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Mechanical Drafter/Engineer with SolidWorks and CATIA experience

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Kent Smith

Joseph – Mechanical Drafter/Engineer

  • Creates CAD models and drawings through the use of SolidWorks and Catia
  • Designs rubber and composite parts including seals, gaskets, bladders, cauls, and firearm eye guards
  • Tested parts and materials for adherence to design requirements
  • Experience with measurement devices such as ROMER Arm and MicroVu to reverse engineer parts for modeling
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Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer Available

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Kent Smith

Vicente – Mechanical Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer in full cycle product development, V&V, and project management
  • Project planning 
  • Generating concepts 
  • Validation, Verification activities 
  • Tolerance analysis and GD&T
  • Project scheduling 
  • Designing, developing, model analysis 
  • Prototype and supplier Management 
  • Six Sigma
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