Talent 101 Circuit

Design Verification Engineer with Experience in block and SOC  (Available Now)

Posted on April 06, 2018 by Kent Smith

Jeffrey – Design Verification Engineer

  • Extensive experience in the Design Verification in both block and SoC levels 
  • Skilled in directed and constrained-random test benches
  • Proficient in Object-Oriented programming
  • Languages – System Verilog, Verilog, SVA, C, Perl, Shell Scripts, assembly (e200, e500, HC08, HC12)
  • Verification methodologies – UVM, VMM
  • Simulators – VCS, NC Verilog (incisive), Verilog XL
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Senior ASIC/SOC Design & Verification Engineer Available Now

Posted on April 04, 2018 by Kent Smith

Maribel – Senior ASIC/SOC Design/Verification Engineer 

  • ASIC Firmware/Hardware Integration
  • ASIC / SOC Development & Design & Methodology implementation
  • Experienced project lead in hard drive controller support.
  • ASIC/SOC Conceptual & Layout Design
  • Verilog, VDHL, Perl, RTL, UNIX, embedded coding; some OOP C++ and Python.
  • Drove/supported clock Generator, SOC Clock Timing, and IDDQ analysis.
  • CPU and microarchitectures
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Senior VLSI Design Engineer Available NOW

Posted on February 05, 2018 by Kent Smith

Ramesh - Senior VLSI Design Engineer

  • Five years of experience as Physical Layer IP Team lead, contributed mainly as Lead Designer.
  • Contributed to multiple activities from Pre-sales to Silicon bring up of PHY IPs.
  • Eleven years of Career in semiconductor field covering Design, Synthesis, STA, FPGA, DFT.
  • Excellent in defining timing constraints including tight Analog to Digital interface signals.
  • Performed STA for 6 Projects.
  • Good combination of strong design skills with in depth timing visualization.
  • Verilog RTL designer with experience in Multi Clock Domain Designs.
  • Expertise in SOC level and IP level DFT Design, Verification and Silicon testing including DC and at speed scan, Memory BIST.
  • Closely works with STA / PnR team to address challenging timing / area closures, ECOs.
  • Performed design evaluation in Xilinx FPGAs.
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Product Manager experienced in all product lifecycles, now available

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Kent Smith

Don – Product Manager  

  • Product management and marketing of ARM and Power Architecture SoCs for networking and high-performance embedded applications.
  • Managed all aspects of product lifecycle for several QorIQ family embedded processors resulting in $1B+ design wins and $2B+ new funnel opportunities.
  • Networked Embedded Computers, x86 Compute, Network Appliance and Storage Servers.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering -  Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.
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Verification Engineer experienced in VLSI design flow

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Kent Smith

Monica – Verification Engineer

  • Excellent in VLSI design flow which includes RTL designing using Verilog, verification of it using System Verilog and physical implementation using IC and DC Complier. 
  • Hands on experience with full custom IC design while designing a 64x32 SRAM Memory using Custom designer and verifying it through DRC and LVS checks.
  • C programming and a working knowledge of PERL.
  • Masters of Science in Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems.
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