Talent 101 Circuit

Digital Design & Mixed Signal Digital Verification Engineer

Posted on August 18, 2020 by Nick Trompert

Zifan - Digital Design and Mixed Signal Digital Verification Engineer

  • Highly motivated senior design engineer with experiences in chip and board design.
  • Experienced with digital and analog/digital mix-signal SoC integration and verification, logic synthesis, chip and block level verification, DFT, ATPG, static timing analysis, chip bonding, floorplan, clock tree synthesis, Place and Rout.
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Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Nick Trompert

Tang – Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer 

  • Semiconductor advance node processes: BiCMOS, CMOS and FinFET. Create custom design reference database for advanced process nodes: FinFET 14nm, 11nm, 10nm, 8nm, 7nm.
  • Experience with op amps, high-speed SerDes designs and adaptation process for serial link.
  • Front-to-back experience with transistor level design: Cadence tools (Schematic XL, ADE L/XL, Spectre (RF), Virtuoso Layout XL, PVS DRC / LVS, and QRC extraction).
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Physical design engineer experienced in mixed-signal design

Posted on March 28, 2018 by Kent Smith

Lui – Physical Design Engineer

  • Physical design engineer with experience in mixed-signal circuit design.
  • Experienced in all phases of circuit / physical design including synthesis, static timing analysis, optimization, and implementation.  
  • Experienced in technical project management, high-speed memory design (SRAM), and design flow development.
  • Physical Design, Mixed-Signal Design, Project Management, SOC Encounter and RTL to GDS
  • Static Timing Analysis, Circuit Simulation, Synthesis, Spectre/MDL and EMIR
  • Magma, Virtuoso, ICC, HSPICE and Cadence
  • TCL, Synopsys, Primetime, RTL Compiler and ASIC
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering


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AMS Engineer with 10+ years of experience Available

Posted on February 02, 2018 by Kent Smith

Vinod – AMS Engineer

  • 10+ years of experience in Analog, Mixed Signal and High-speed IO Layout Design of modules and Chip level tasks.
  • Worked on various technology nodes like 180nm, to 10nm
  • Proficient in layout design using Cadence Virtuoso XL and Genesys
  • Custom layout design of blocks, IPs and Full Chip Integration
  • Floor planning, Power planning and Area estimation of modules
  • Special planning during placement considering density, HV,EMIR,DRC in deep submicron nodes
  • Physical Verification of the layout designs
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Design Engineer Experienced in Analog, Mixed Signal & High-Performance RF IC Design

Posted on January 24, 2018 by Kent Smith

Jared – Analog/Mixed Signal Design Engineer

  • Analog, mixed signal, and high-performance RF IC design.
  • Switching power converters, LDOs, DC/DC, Buck and Boost, and Power ICs.
  • Hall sensors for automotive industries.
  • Analog interface circuits for MRAM, DDR interface.
  • Ultra-high accuracy CMOS frequency references with mitigated aging.
  • High-performance RF IC Design and Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design.
  • State-of-art low-noise and low distortion RF/analog front-ends.
  • Wireless transceiver system design, video-receivers and mass-storage channels.
  • IC subsystem design: PLL’s, DDL’s, gain-controls and gm-C filters.
  • CMOS, BiCMOS and bipolar IC block design such as: LNAs, mixers, phase shifters, amplifiers, comparators, PAs, VCOs, charge pumps, ADCs, DACs, LDOs, power supplies, and bias blocks.
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Analog/Mixed Signal Design Engineer Available

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Kent Smith

Kevin– Analog/Mixed Signal Design Engineer

  • Buck, Boost, LDO, Regulators ADC
    • 1.2V buck converter, 50mA output
    • 3.3V boost converter, 150mA output
  • Current-limited voltage source for PoDL detect circuit.
  • Sense chopper amplifier for PoE.
  • Audio codec Development
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