Fiori Technology Solutions India  Partnership Program



A new partnership. A new opportunity.

Talent 101 and Fiori Technology Solutions have come together to deliver semiconductor engineering solutions and resources in India that secure human progress.

Our engineering solutions flex and scale with your business needs

To help our customers progress on a global basis, Talent 101 will offer semiconductor engineering solutions that leverage Fiori Technology Solutions India-based operations to better representation for our semiconductor clients in India and USA.

Advantages of our Partnership:

  • Offshore Development Center (ODC) options
  • Resource flexibilities and creating a high sought-after workforce - recruiting
  • Pricing options
  • Around-the-clock services. 

Services include:

  • Engineering Services: Design, Verification, Validation, Layout, and Regression Test.
  • Project Services: Statement of Work (SOW) projects pinpoint required skills and experience needed, defined budget per project, detailed timeline from start to finish (Milestone).
  • Staffing services: Contract and contract to hire, direct hire.
  • Managed Services: Oversee your organization and systems, Manage everyday workforce responsibilities, Complete team approach from management through individual contributors.

Close your India-based semiconductor resource gap with industry-leading Engineers from our  partnership today. Request an appointment today to see how we can help you find the engineering talent you need.

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