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Talent CIRCUIT Picks: A Roundup of Top Semiconductor Candidates to Hire

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Jack Trompert

The number of great technical candidates has risen and fallen a lot throughout the years. Nowadays, the talent search isn’t easy; hiring managers have to stay laser-focused on filling critical open roles productively and efficiently or risk losing the best candidates to competitors.

At the Talent CIRCUIT, we take strong measures to select, interview, and qualify candidates to build a talent repository focused on the chip industry. The result? A list of highly competent candidates available when you need them.

Through our research and data, we uncovered popular roles and candidate pools to keep on your radar for future projects. Let’s explore some of the top engineering talent and in-demand roles we have available in the CIRCUIT to help you refresh your hiring pipeline.

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3 Tools Every Design Engineer Should Know

Posted on October 27, 2017 by Jack Trompert

To bridge that gap between concept and reality and stand out in their field, engineers today need a potent combination of creativity and technical knowledge. These two skillsets are particularly important in the career of a design engineer as they must take projects from idea to completion and have a complete understanding of the design software that can get them there.

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