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Here are the top semiconductor engineers for hire

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Jack Trompert


For many, the severity of the economic stress caused by the pandemic can be a tough pill to swallow. But in the midst of a dire economic picture, wise engineering leaders recognize that it’s crucial to build the strongest team possible for long-term success. When the impact of technology is undeniably complex and essential, it’s vital to have a team of professionals with the skills and careful attention required to get the job done. 

In unpredictable times, engineering leaders need to be able to find the right resources for a variety of projects on a moment’s notice. That’s where we come in. 

At the Talent CIRCUIT, we take the time to thoroughly vet and qualify candidates focused on the chip industry. The result is a talent repository with highly competent candidates available for hire right when you need them. For chip leaders and project managers, now is the time to capture talent you may not have access to before. 

Let’s look at some of the top semiconductor candidates across different roles available to hire for your next project:

Design Engineer

A good design engineer can transform ideas into functional and safe products for users. Current needs for faster performance, time-to-market, and memory requires design engineers to be nimble at specialized system solutions. In addition to the important tools design engineers need to know, they should also know how to use design software like CATIA and have skills in facilitating new product development. 

Check out some of our skilled design engineers:

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Quality Engineer

Quality engineers play a key role in ensuring processes and products are consistent and high quality. It’s the quality engineer’s responsibility to document any problems in detail, work with the engineering team to find solutions, and make sure the final product satisfies legal and client requirements. Perceptive quality engineers are critical to the successful launch of a product.

Discover some of our top quality engineers below:

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Test Technicians

Semiconductor test technicians study the methods and applications of operation, material handling, and equipment. Highly proficient test technicians make recommendations to improve operations for maximum efficiency and quality. Not only do test technicians need investigative and research skills, they also need a strong command of testing equipment and software. 

Here are some of our top test technicians:

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Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer designs for manufacturability and makes enhancements to existing products. On the job, electrical engineers work closely with manufacturing engineers to reduce quality failures. They also deliver new product designs through prototyping, testing, certification, and product launch. Capable electrical engineers have the ability to lead large projects, define and map new product requirements, and ensure product design integrity to the most technical challenges.

If you’re in need of talented electrical engineers, check out some great candidates below:

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Verification/Validation Engineer

If you need to test and pre-test the systems used to manufacture products, you’ll need a validation engineer. On the other hand, if you need to design testing procedures, you’re looking for a verification engineer. Both verification and validation engineers are crucial to producing the right product, in the right way. To search for sharp engineers in these fields, look for candidates with in-depth knowledge of hardware design, analysis software (i.e. MATLAB or Minitab), and/or verification languages (i.e. System Verilog or UVM).

Check out some of our top-class verification/validation engineers:

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Jack Trompert

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