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Layout Design Engineer with skills in analog layout and RF design techniques

Posted on September 24, 2018 by Nick Trompert

Bonnie – Layout Design Engineer  

  • Layout Design Engineer with extensive experience in all phases of microchip layout design and ability to work independently to meet aggressive deadlines
  • Strengths in analog layout, RF design techniques, including shielding, matching, common centroiding cross-coupling, interdigitation etc.
  • Effective Executive layouts from floor plan to tape out, enabling design engineers to analyze, simulate, and create design improvements in a synergistic and timely manner.

  • Software:  Candance Opus/Virtuoso/Open Access, GDSII, UNIX Cats, Caliber, Apollo/Avant, Hercules/DRC/LVS Assura, VXL, GXL
  • Technologies:  CMOS, NMOS, Bipolar, Bicmos, Flash Memory ESDRAM, RF, Analog, Mixed-Signal, TSMCN18 SOI-OA, TSMC, Chartered, IBM CSO17RF, Bicmos8HP, 65nM, 45nM, 40nM, 28nM, 16 finfet, 14nM, 10nM, 5G mMWave, SiGe, 22FDX

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