Talent 101 Circuit

Software Engineer Designing Real-Time Firmware Solutions

Posted on November 04, 2016 by Kent Smith

Ignacio – Software Engineer

  • Design and implement full life cycle, real time solutions in firmware. Convert legacy applications to use new OS and processor.
  • Maintain legacy code, make modifications and improvements.
  • Design and implement configuration management procedures.
  • Experienced with 8/16/32 bit processors like PIC, 8051, 68020, Coldfire, and ARM7/9.
  • Experienced with oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and Wireshark to debug hardware.
  • Translate legal and technical documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
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Senior Software Development Engineer Available

Posted on November 02, 2016 by Kent Smith

John – Senior Software Development Engineer  

  • Software Design
  • Application, Systems, and Embedded Programming
  • Web programming, Digital Image Processing
  • C++ programming, Assembly programming
  • Real Time OS, UNIX, MS Windows
  • Analysis, design, and coding of embedded, real-time software projects
  • Web server and website design
  • Testing, verification, and maintenance of software including software debugging
  • GUI Development, MFC
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Senior Software and Firmware Engineer Available

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Kent Smith

Akio – Senior Software/Firmware Engineer

  • Expertise on embedded system, firmware, and software developing.
  • Expertise with DSP theory. Experience in audio, video, and image digital signal processing.
  • Experience with hardware level developing.
  • Familiar with video codec standard H.264, H.263, MPEG2/4.
  • Familiar with audio processing, MP3, AAC, G.7xx, AMR, AGC, DRC, loudness control.
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Embedded Software Engineer with Technical Expertise in Design & Development

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Kent Smith

Fernando – Embedded Software Engineer

  • Technical expertise residing in designing and developing.
  • Excellent C/C++ embedded programs using real-time programming techniques for embedded applications.
  • Device drivers implementing a low maintenance structure for efficient product support throughout the entire development lifecycle, from requirements to test to post-deployment field support.
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Software Systems Engineer Offering In-Depth Technical Support

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Kent Smith

Harold - Software Systems Engineer 

  • Supports strategic customers with in-depth technical support for real-time embedded software development using C, C++, assembly, and tool usage.
  • Develops, test, and maintains tools used to test and package semiconductor C/C++ compilers and tools.
  • Expert in Perl, MySQL, C, HTML, and scripting in a Linux environment.
  • ACE SuperTest, CodeSourcery, Dinkumware, Nullstone, Perennial, and Plum Hall compiler test software.
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Software Engineer With Real-Time, Embedded & Application Program Development Experience

Posted on September 16, 2016 by Kent Smith

James – Software Engineer

  • 10 years experience in software development of real-time, embedded and application programs, using C/C++, assembly Matlab/Simulink, LabVIEW RT, C# and PLC.
  • Programming graphical user interface (GUI) and object oriented (OO) design using C/C++, C#, VB, VC++, Delphi, Matlab, LabVIEW, and Fortran.
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Senior Software Engineer Experienced in Aerospace/Defense Engineering Available

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Kent Smith

Nagaraj – Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of Aerospace/Defense Engineering experience in both real-time and non-real-time military simulation software development.
  • Experienced in full life cycle software development processes.
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Experienced Embedded System Engineer Available

Posted on June 07, 2016 by Kent Smith

Hassan- Embedded System Engineer

  • Designed and developed software for automotive RKE leading to production of 4000 parts per month
  • Designed and developed application-layer software for Body Control Module project
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Senior Embedded & Software Design Engineer Available

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Kent Smith

Nag - Senior Embedded & Software Design Engineer

  • C, C++, Assembly, Verilog, VHDL Programming, Soft core for 8051 and Z80, Perl, Python and Ruby scripting
  • FPGA, CPLD, MCU, DSP, Cortex M4, M0, A7 ARM, TI C2000 Piccolo Delfino DSP, Analog Devices and Freescale DSP’s, Hardware design and programming
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Senior Software Engineer with experience in DSP Algorithms Available

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Kent Smith

Prakash - Senior Software Engineer (C, DSP and Embedded)

  • 8+ years of professional experience in System Study, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of various DSP algorithms, Embedded Systems, C, Assembly, MATLAB Programs and DSP processor hardware/software Applications in various Telecom, Wireless & Semiconductor Network industries.
  • Good experience in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms and methods including FFT, IIR, FIR, modulation techniques, sampling.
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