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IC Layout Engineer with 10+ years of experience

Posted on February 06, 2020 by Nick Trompert

Tom– IC Layout Engineer 

  • 10+ years of experience with IC Layout and IC Verification increasing responsibilities in the employment services to the EDA industry. 
  • Mentor Graphics tools: Pyxis, Calibre DRC/LVS, calibredrv, Ample, Design Manager-IC.
  • Tanner tools: L-Edit, Tanner-Calibre integration, Tanner LVS.
  • Cadence tools: Virtuoso, Virtuoso-Calibre integration, Dracula, Assura, SKILL.
  • IC development flow, Schematic/Layout hierarchy, Chip/Block/Cell planning, Verification.
  • CMOS/Bipolar Theories: Logic to schematic convention to layout, Topological layers, Transistor cross-section, Truth table, Fundamental of IC, Full custom layout concepts.
  • Layout techniques: Chip/Block/Cell planning, Power distribution, Busses and Bus routing, Legging Devices, Device Matching, Substrate/Well Taps and Latch up, Guarding, NMOS/PMOS and NPN/PNP Transistors, Capacitors, Resistors, Electrostatic Static Discharge and Diodes, Standard cells, Bond pads, Fuses, Dieseals and Full Chip.
  • Programming languages: Tcl/Tk and Shell scripting.
  • Proficient in Linux, Unix, Windows environments, Microsoft office applications.

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