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Analog Design Engineer 

Posted on February 26, 2020 by Nick Trompert

Nihal – Analog Design Engineer 


  • Numerous General purpose 200 and 300 W military power supplies
  • Electronic ballast for Xenon lamps and fluorescent lamps
  • 125 KVA UPS and 120 KVA power drivers for induction motors
  • 750W, 2 KW and 6KW AC/DC and DC/DC converters for electric vehicles (EVs)
  • 500V/500W Power Factor Correction for EV Battery equalizer
  • 1.5 to 6 KW UPS and battery chargers
  • 500V to 2 KV programmable supplies for Radar Modulators
  • 100W, 120W and 600W for Communications Satellite
  • F-14 Sensor Display Indicator System; 15 watts offline
  • C-17 Warning Annunciator and Caution System; 12 watts offline
  • C-17 Multifunction Control Panel and Mission Computer Display; 20 watts offline
  • V-22 Osprey 150 watt for Structural and Engine Diagnostic unit
  • B1-B 120-watt Flight Control Unit and Engine Data Computer


  • Switching Servo motor drive amplifiers for aircraft control surfaces to FAA standards
  • 3KW to 20KW brushless DC servo controllers for missile fin actuators
  • Magnetic bearing system for 35,000 rpm turbo molecular pump
  • 350 and 1800 lb. linear actuator drive and controls
  • Advanced Light Weight Torpedo Engine Controller
  • Emergency power unit controllers for the F-14 and F-16
  • Pershing Missile power unit controller


  • Video signal processor for high-resolution CRT to printer
  • 350 KW solid-state modulators for radar transmitters

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