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Senior Software Development Engineer with experience in Application, Systems and Embedded Programming

Posted on July 11, 2018 by Nick Trompert

John – Senior Software Development Engineer  

  • Software Design
  • Application, Systems and Embedded Programming
  • Web programming, Digital Image Processing
  • C++ programming, Assembly programming
  • Real Time OS, UNIX, MS Windows
  • Analysis, design and coding of embedded, real-time software projects
  • Web server and website design

  • Testing, verification and maintenance of software including software debugging
  • GUI Development, MFC
  • Code development using the C++ language under Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Ported PostScript interpreter designed for UNIX to MS-Windows NT
  • Scripts written in PERL as part of product application software and to implement automated test suite execution and analysis of the results of rendering PostScript documents
  • Custom multitasking operating system development including interrupt service and device driver routines
  • Software project management, UNIX systems administration
  • Printer emulation software development, Printer font implementation
  • UNIX kernel driver maintenance, Yourdon/DeMarco structured analysis and designContact Us About This Candidate

Topics: Software Developer, Software Engineer

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