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Circuit Design/Layout Engineer

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Nick Trompert

Rene – Circuit Design/Layout Engineer

  • CMOS Digital 16x16 crossbar switch - Tools: Cadence Virtuoso

  • Designed a digital switch using 16:1 multiplexer and 64-bit shift register on IBM 180 nm CMOS technology

  • Performed DRC, LVS and parasitic extraction along with post-layout simulation for the PCB layout of the circuit

  • Achieved an overall speed of 22.93 GHz for the entire circuit

  • Datapath synchronous controller design - Tools: Altera Quartus II

  • Designed an ASIC using a datapath and controller to perform the Newton-Raphson equation to calculate inverse of a number

  • Modeled the controller using only Verilog and used schematic capture and Verilog for the datapath

  • Worked on block level synthesis, circuit debugging and static timing analysis on the entire design

  • CMOS DC-DC boost converter - Tools: Cadence Virtuoso

  • Designed and simulated a DC-DC converter using boost topology which increases a low input dc voltage to a high dc voltage

  • Utilized the analog design environment on Cadence to run transient and dc simulations on multiple nodes of the circuit

  • Obtained a dc output of 1.5 V for a dc input of 0.8 V using TSMC 130 nm CMOS technology

  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

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