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Electrical Engineer with experience in Automotive/Industrial Applications available

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Kent Smith

BLOG-icons-02.jpgKumar - Electrical Engineer Analog/Digital Circuit Design

  • 9+ Years of industry experience in designing the products for Automotive/Industrial Applications.
  • Primarily focused on design and development of analog and digital electronics circuit and interfaces for sensing systems.
  • Micro-controller selection and interface design for 8-bit controller application
  • UART, SPI, I2C interface design
  • Voltage/current protecting circuits
  • Transistor/Operational Amplifier based circuits
  • Signal conditioning circuit e.g. Filter design, voltage adjustment
  • LDO/SMPS selection and interface design
  • Design for EMI/EMC performance

Topics: Electronics Design Engineer

Kent Smith

Kent Smith is a Senior Business Development Manager at Talent 101. He is responsible for managing the semiconductor engineering solutions at Talent 101’s clients. His expertise includes recruiting and workforce solutions, and working with engineering groups at Talent 101’s clients to improve business performance.