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Custom IC physical design engineer

Posted on October 10, 2019 by Nick Trompert

Kale – Custom IC Layout Engineer   

  • IC physical design engineer with over 10 years of experience which includes full custom analog, digital place and route, and chip-level mixed-signal integration. 
  • Comfortable at all levels of hierarchy and leading teams. 
  • Experienced in defining, documenting, and training team members in Layout Methodologies for the most current process nodes.
  • Proficient at top-down floor planning and working with new technologies in dynamic work environments. 
  • Experienced with the essential techniques used in producing high quality, well matched, and noise tolerant layouts. 
  • Implementing matching techniques such as interdigitation, dummy device placement to mitigate stress and address LOD effects, Nwell extensions to address Well Proximity Effects, Deep Nwell usage, consideration for differential signal and clock routing, addressing EM/IR/SH issues. 
  • Well-developed and effective interpersonal skills which aide in working with the entire IC design team from initial concept through mask shop submittal.
  • Technical Proficiency/Tool Experience: 
    • SunOS/UNIX System/CDE/Linux RedHat
    • Cadence Virtuoso XL & EAD
    • Cadence PVS/Assura LVS/DRC/RCX
    • Synopsys ICV/Apollo/Astro/Star RCXT
    • Mentor Graphics Calibre LVS/DRC, Tanner L-Edit
    • Microsoft Windows, MS Office & PowerPoint
    • ICC/VCAR Cadence Automated Router
    • Silvaco Expert layout editor

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Topics: Design Engineer, Physical Design Engineer

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