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Physical Design/Digital Back End Engineer 

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Nick Trompert

Sangh – Physical Design/Digital Back End Engineer 

  • Part of physical design team, worked closely with digital and analog teams to deliver design of mixed signal block on time under tight schedule
  • Working on complex digital on top lower power design
  • Define and verify power intent 
  • RTL synthesis
  • Equivalence check  
  • Define power domain and power routing
  • Insert power switches 
  • Isolation and retention cells placement
  • CTS and routing  
  • STA timing analysis
  • Worked on top level timing closure
  • Bump placement, place bumps with various patterns, assign signals to bumps
  • Floorplan, pin placement, RAM placement, power meshes, analog block placement
  • Clock tree generation using ccopt
  • Worked on timing analysis/closure at both top and block level
  • Worked on diversified designs of high utilizations, irregular shapes, and complex clock tree structure with Encounter Foundation Flow

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Topics: Physical Design Engineer

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