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Senior Analog RF Layout Design Engineer

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Kent Smith

Ahmed – Senior Analog RF Layout Design Engineer 

  • Cadence Virtuoso 6.1.7 Open Access, Cadence GXL/VXL, Cadence Diva, Cadence Dracula
  • Cadence Assura for LVS/DRC/Parasitic Extraction
  • Cadence VCR, Cadence P-Cell Creation, Cadence Multiple Part Path
  • Cadence Shape Based Router  (CSR) Cadence  Space Based Router
  • Cadence Automatic Router Cadence Wire Assistant
  • Mentor Calibre LVS/DRC/Parasitic Extraction/Metal Poly Fill
  • Synopsis Hercules DRC/LVS
  • Bachelor of Technology - Electrical Engineering
  • Performed analog mixed signal IC Physical Design engineering functions and responsibilities using CADENCE 6.17 and MENTOR CALIBRE software:
    • Created transistor level layouts from schematic (Cadence 6.17 Virtuoso VXL)
    • Created block level layouts per schematic
    • Created manual fill in sensitive areas (Inductors, transmission lines and sensitive signals
    • Participated in migration process from 28nm to 22nm
    • Verified and corrected migrated cells using Cadence and Mentor LVS/DRC tools

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Topics: Analog Designer, Layout Designer

Kent Smith

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