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Senior PCB Designer/Layout Engineer with 10+ years of experience in PCB design

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Nick Trompert

Erlie – Senior PCB Designer/Layout Engineer

  • A solid Senior PCB Designer/Layout Engineer with over 10+ years’ experience in PCB design, including 9 years for an industry leading semiconductor company and 8 years for a global contract manufacturing company.
  • Recognized as a high-performing, energetic individual who integrates well as a key collaborator or as an individual contributor. 
  • Principal strengths include the ability to quickly assess and implement critical design input, multitasking, meeting deadlines, managing “on the fly” engineering changes with minimal impact to schedule, and utilizing exceptional problem-solving abilities.

  • Known best for meticulous attention to detail and completion of high quality work.  Expertise in:
  •  Cadence Allegro version 16.6 (25 years)
  • High-speed interconnect challenges
  • Cadence Constraint Manager
  • HDI solutions
  • High density, high layer count PCBs
  • Differential pairs, propagation delay, RF
  • Valor ODB++
  • DalTools
  • Footprint/library creation and management
  • Circuit noise mitigation
  • DFM, DFA and DFT considerations
  • Fabrication/assembly/mechanical documentation

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Topics: Design Engineer, Layout Engineer

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