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Software Engineer in Aerospace Industry Available

Posted on March 03, 2016 by Kent Smith

BLOG-icons-02.jpgMaria– Software Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer with experience in embedded software and hardware for aircraft vibration and health and usage monitoring systems.
  • Design and maintenance of aerospace software with real-time operating systems (pSOS, ThreadX, VxWorks and DEOS).
  • Maintenance, improvements and bug-fixes on ARINC-653 partitioned avionic software.
  • DO-178B Level D software development methodology.
  • Fluent in C and C++ language (including Standard Template Library) and familiar with ADA, C++CLI.
  • Designed and implemented embedded drivers, boot up, built-in-test, database, calibration and automated test.
  • Software successfully implemented on Northrop Grumman MQ-8B, CH-46, Sikorsky S-76C++, Agusta A-109 and other helicopters and on Boeing 787 and Embraer E2 jets

Topics: C++ Developer, Software Engineer

Kent Smith

Kent Smith is a Senior Business Development Manager at Talent 101. He is responsible for managing the semiconductor engineering solutions at Talent 101’s clients. His expertise includes recruiting and workforce solutions, and working with engineering groups at Talent 101’s clients to improve business performance.